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RockAuto, don’t buy from them

I needed an ac compressor for my 2003 F150 gave them the information, it’s a v6 3.6L auto, XLT super cab. They sent me three different compressors over a couple months all wrong, none looked like the compressor in my truck. At the time I got the last one, my father got sick and died. I was out town for an extended time and I missed the short dead line to return it at my cost to ship it back. They would not let me return it for a refund.

I went to O’Rilies, gave them the same information and they gave me the correct part the first time with the same information I had given RockAuto.

By Scott

Mid 50's, male, conservative, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, returned full time missionary (83-84). have no children of my own, 3 sisters and one brother, 9 nieces, 4 grand children. Two associate degrees in Automotive and Diesel technology and Computers and Electronics. I am now self employed

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