I have updated my Budget spreadsheet with a cash income and expense column. Also added a cash counting sheet you can put in how many of each coins or bills and it will calculate the total amount you have. My Sewing Machine Repair business is mostly cash and i needed to track it.

This is not a full blown financial sheet but intended to show how much money you will need. IE in October Amazon charged me $150 renewing prime and never notified me they were going to do that. Fairly sure it was $100 or $120 last year, that will go on the budget for October. Quicken, Adobe, Micro$oft and others I am probably not aware of have pushed a subscription of their products where you have to pay a monthly or annual fee for use of their products instead of buying them. I do not know about you but I can’t afford $25 a month for quicken or photoshop.

Budget V4 zip documentation Google sheets version

The spreadsheet has 12 months, total, average, cash calculator tabs. Each tab has income, savings, utilities, housing, transportation, personal expenses; food, clothing, pets, etc. Other and some blank lines for your own categories. The sheets are locked but not password protected, you can unlock them and change anything you want.

I will not charge for this but donations will be appreciated. PayPal or my cash app tag is $dsscheibe.

By Scott

Mid 50's, male, conservative, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, returned full time missionary (83-84). have no children of my own, 3 sisters and one brother, 9 nieces, 4 grand children. Two associate degrees in Automotive and Diesel technology and Computers and Electronics. I am now self employed

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