Scott’s Life

The last few years.


I haven’t posted much about myself but probably need to tell you about what has been going on. I have been alone since December 2021, the x who I’ve been fighting with over several issues left to go stay with her kids for Christmas and I changed the door code and took her off the alarm so she could not come back.. She had been threatening to move out and when I took her up on the offer she said she could not find a place and wasn’t moving out. This has been going on for a bit more than two years.

A little about her Sandra, we had dated in our 40’s and she decided I needed to find some one who would give me kids. I went to the singles group and dated a few women on and off but the only one I was interested in was dating someone else and didn’t want to have kids.

Sandra and I had kept in touch and were friends on facebook and we were talking and I was thinking of when we dated. She moved in around spring 2013 I think but could be off a year or so. I did not know what I was getting into.. First we ended up with her and kids dogs, four of them! Plus I had my dog. Sandra had a couple of strokes a year or two before moving in and was not the same woman I knew in my 40’s. It was ok the first 2-3 years. Our birthdays are a week apart though she is 5 years older than I am. We the first couple years went and did things for our birthday. One year went to World Wild Life park.

After that it started going down hill. She gave her car to her kids and was still paying the insurance on it and giving them money besides. They have 3 kids and are on welfare, her son inlaw works at a health care place. Sandra use to work there but a patient threw her into a wall and hurt her back before we got back together. She didn’t want to do much towards the end was only getting out bed to cook dinner, watch TV with me a coupe hours and then went to bed again.

Dogs, the oldest one of theirs died with in a year of moving in. We were visiting my family in Colorado. I think at this time my mother was in the nursing home. Her kids were house sitting when the dog died was well over 15 years old. A few years later Sandra found a stray in the yard and let it in. It started peeing all over the house and after 6 months I took it down to the school and let it loose. Her daughter was supposed to find homes for their dogs but never did. Her dogs started peeing all over the house, one would go outside roll in the dirt and then come in and shake dust all over. Another made a whole in the wall to the storage room the size of a large dog door with out the door and scratched up all the doors. I kept threatening to get rid of them and in summer 2021 I opened the back gate until they left while she was visting her kids, babysitting while they went places for 3 weeks. We tried finding a shelter but none would take them. Spring of 2021 my dog Skie forced her way between the back gate and injured her back and became paralyzed and had to be put down.

After I got rid of the kids dogs we were left with Sandras dog which was still peeing round the house even though she had gotten them a cheap dog door in the bedroom patio door frame. My electric bill wen up $40 because of it and I am still trying to kill all the bugs it let in. Her solution was to get dog dypers for her dog. She always started taking her dog with her because she would howl and whine anytime she left with out her. I thought for sure she would leave when I let the dogs go but she said her daughter didn’t care about it so she didn’t either..

2015 My mother passed on from complications of Alzheimer’s, it runs in her family, her mother and 3 of her older siblings died of it. She was 73 when she passed on. My father died of kidney failure in 2019 he was the last of his family and wasn’t taking care of himself . In 2008 we lost his only sister to breast cancer in the spring she was 64. Grandma and grandpa had been in nursing homes for years. Both had diabetes, grandpa had had one leg amputated and was not dong well, he passed on in July 2008 at age 89, grandma didn’t want to live any more and passed in September 2008 at age 90. That was all of dads immediate family and after mom died he didn’t really care any more. After he passed that left me as the oldest in the family, I am 4 and half years older than my first sister I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, 9 nieces, No children. I have one aunt and a Uncle my moms younger siblings left and more cousins than I could count. I am 15 years older than my youngest sister.

Sandra’s mother died of covid in 2020 at age 80. She was the only one in the family I really liked. She has two kids both married, Son has two boys and her daughter a girl and a boy, I think she is expecting again.

I can tell you exactly the last time Sandra and I slept together was when we were staying at my fathers house after his funeral. September 2019 and it had been a year before that the previous time. We were not having sex, we were fighting and it was long pass time for her to go, the longer she was here the more problems she caused. She could not cook dinner with out leaving a big mess, never cleaned up and the house was a disaster. I spent two months cleaning after I got rid of her. I calculate she owes me about 20K which I’m sure I will never get.

$300 DVR PAID $100 (she lost the remote and it is NLA. she also broke the playstation remote and I had to replace it. spilled pop on it.)

$199 toaster oven (she fell and broke the door) I had to buy another.
$200 screens on dining room windows destroyed by guppy the dog
$5000 damage to wall and doors frames by guppy
$10,000 replace carpet
$650 grill damage valves by forcing knobs instead of pushing in on them NLA had to get a new grill
$1500 cleaning and damage to walls, cabinets in kitchen, wear on corners of walls where keep putting hands, instead of using her cane. I don’t think she ever washed her hands though she says she did. Stove, refrigerator, bedroom, head board spilled things. I cleaned the refrigerator 2 times the year before she left and again after.
S80 shower head in master bathroom, cracked because was not lifting head out of holder
$800 microwave destroyed by roaches she let in with dog door and she broke the door frame by jerking on it. I had to hot glue the door frame Lost the small burner cap on my $1500 stove top, I had to spend two days cleaning all the crap she had spilled on it.. $1000 Bug spray, traps


She was damaging the brand new dish washer I replaced a couple years ago, kept pulling the bottom rack out crooked and popping the wheels off and had spilled something in the controls I had to fix. She broke two plates, lost some of my good silverware. Lost 2 sets of keys. The last had all my pad lock keys, house and mail box key in a leather folder she had in her purse. I told her she wasn’t getting her stuff back until she found it. That has been 7 months ago and she unfriended me on Facebook and I haven’t heard from her since April.. I’m sure if you ask her I’m the bad guy..

If anyone needs extra large stretchy clothes I have hers.. She was well north of 300 pounds I’m sure. I weigh 217 and shes a lot bigger.

We were never married thank god, because she would have lost her disability money and her pills are well over $300 a month. I have been alone since December 2021. I have a girlfriend but that is another long post..