WIND POWER promises a clean and free source of electricity. It will reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels and reduce the output of greenhouse gases and other pollution. Many governments are therefore promoting the construction of vast wind "farms," encouraging private companies with generous subsidies and regulatory support, requiring utilities to buy from them, and setting up markets for the trade of "green credits" in addition to actual energy. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) aims to see 5% of our electricity produced by wind turbine in 2010. Energy companies are eagerly investing in wind power, finding the arrangement quite profitable.

A little research, however, reveals that wind power does not in fact live up to the claims made by its advocates, that its impact on the environment and people's lives is far from benign, and that with such a poor record and prospect the money spent on it could be much more effectively directed. . . .

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(featured in At Issue: What Energy Sources Should Be Pursued, Greenhaven, 2005,
and Opposing Viewpoints: Global Resources, Greenhaven, 2007)

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O T H E R   P A P E R S   O N   T H I S   S I T E

"Against the Wind," by James B. Meigs
a practical overview

"Health Effects of Noise from Large Wind Turbines," by Eric Rosenbloom
a concise overview of research

"Why Not Wind," by Eric Rosenbloom
an open letter

"The low benefit of industrial wind," by Eric Rosenbloom
a brief summary of documents
(summary in html also available)

"Ridden by the Wind," by Eric Rosenbloom
a social activist view

"Not so fast with wind power," by Eric Rosenbloom
editorial: low benefit, high adverse impact

"Exploitation and destruction: some things to know about industrial wind power,"
by Eric Rosenbloom

another social activist view

"Industrial wind, corporate vandalism," by Joanna Lake
a progressive view

"How to fight the big wind onslaught," by Calvin Luther Martin
a matter of conscience

"Wind Turbine Noise - a themed sequence of sonnets," by Gail Atkinson-Mair
a poet's view

"Windmill farms are industrial development," by Martha Frey
a preservationist view

"Questioning the faith of wind power," by David Roberson
an environmentalist view

"Big money discovers the tax breaks," by Glenn Schleede
a fiscal conservative view

"9 days and 7 wind farms," by Sue Sliwinski
a report of the human toll

"Free lunch or Damocles' sword?" by John Etherington
an analysis of big wind's minuscule benefit

"He is not an environmentalist," by Eric Rosenbloom
a critique of Charles Komanoff on wind

"Bluff and bluster," by Eric Rosenbloom
a response to critics

Bottom line:  Industrial wind turbines do not reduce the use of other fuels.
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R E F E R E N C E   P A G E S   O N   T H I S   S I T E

Industrial-scale wind projects in Vermont

Technical specifications of common large wind turbines

Units used for energy and other measures of wind turbines

Published studies of physiological effects of infrasound

Wind power primer

Useful fact:  Wind turbines produce at or above their average rate only 40% of the time.
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O T H E R   R E S O U R C E S

U.S. coalition of opposition groups

Country Guardian
the original British opposition group

"The Wayward Wind," by Jon Boone
incisive critique

Articles by Mark Duchamp
special attention to birds

Report by John Mollica
setback, icing, structural failure, noise

"The aesthetic dissonance of industrial wind machines," by Jon Boone
incisive critique of wind power's "aesthetic chic"

Wind Turbine Syndrome, by Nina Pierpont
adverse health effects

"An Ill Wind," by Nigel Barnes
extensive compilation of arguments

Useful fact:  Wind power requires 200 acres per megawatt of output.
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A   F E W   O P P O S I T I O N   G R O U P S

Vermonters with Vision
affiliation of opposition groups

Ira Wind
Ira, Vermont

Citizens for the Preservation of Georgia Mountain
Milton, Georgia, and Fairfax, Vermont

Ridge Protectors
Sheffield and Sutton, Vermont

Kingdom Commons Group
northeastern Vermont

Glebe Mountain Group
Londonderry, Vermont

Save Tehachapi Mountain

Friends of Lāna'i

Protect the Flint Hills

Friends of the Highland Mountains

Friends of Lincoln Lakes

Friends of Maine's Mountains

Jackson Wind Power Subcomittee

Partnership for the Preservation of the Downeast Lakes Watershed

People's Task Force on Wind Power

Protect Our Lakes

Real Wind Info For Maine

Citizens For Responsible Wind Energy
Bourne, Massachusetts

Counter Cape Wind

Firetower Wind
Falmouth, Massachusetts

Friends of Florida and Monroe

Green Berkshires
western Massachusetts, featuring articles by Eleanor Tillinghast

Save Our Seashore
Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Shelburne Wind

War Against Wind
Osterville, Massachusetts

Citizens for Responsible Green Energy
Monterey Township, Michigan

Coalition for Sensible Siting
Goodhue County, Minnesota

Cohocton Free!
New York

Great Lakes Wind Truth
New York and Ontario

Madison Matters
New York

Springwater Preservation Committee
New York

Western Catskill Preservation Alliance
New York

WOW -- We Oppose Windfarms
New York

Save Western New York

Wind Energy Ethics Group
Cape Vincent, New York

Wind Power Toolkit (John Droz)
Adirondacks, New York

Save Jones Beach (SJB) Ad Hoc Committee
Long Island, New York

Save Western Ohio

Lucien Rosenbloom
North Carolina

No Free Wind

Coalición Pro Bosque Seco Ventanas Verraco
Puerto Rico

Ill Wind Rhode Island

WE-CARE -- Wind Energy – Concerns About Rural Environment
South Dakota

John R. Sweet

Mountain Preservation Association

Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy
West Virginia

Protect Pendleton
West Virginia

WINDCOWS -- Wisconsin Independent Citizens Opposing Windturbine Sites

Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition

Amherst Island Wind Information

CORT -- Coalition of Residents – Tiny

Healing the Earth

Ontario Wind Performance

Ontario Wind Resistance

Wind Concerns Meaford

North American Platform Against Windpower

BOLT -- Birdsedge Opposition to Large Turbines

FORCE -- Friends of Rural Cumbria's Environment

Habitat 21

STILE -- Stop Turbines in Lunesdale Environment

STINC -- Stop Turbines in North Cornwall


RWF Group: Opposing Little Raith Wind Farm

Views of Scotland

Ardnamurchan, Morvern, and Mull, Scotland

Cefn Croes
Wales, featuring horrifying photographs of the destruction

Betws Mountain Preservation Guide

Stop The Exploitation of Mynydd Mynyllod

Trannon Residents Against Power Plans

Laois Wind Energy Awareness Group

Molonglo Landscape Guardians
New South Wales, Australia

Groupe d'information sur les éoliennes (La Roche-en-Ardenne)

Občanského sdružení „Na Skále“ Radošice
Czech Republic

Vent du Bocage
France, featuring documentation of accidents

[for accidents, also see Caithness (Scotland) Windfarm Information Forum]

Παρατηρητήριο Αιολικής Ενέργειας
Greece Szélerőművek Hárskúton?


Rassemblement Jura Crêtes

Deep Green Resistance

Useful fact:  Wind turbine output is low, variable, and rarely coincides with demand.
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T H E   I N D U S T R Y

an archive of wind industry trade news

American Wind Energy Association
facilities in the U.S.

British Wind Energy Association
facilities in the U.K.

Danish Wind Industry Association
introductory technical guide, in English

U.S. Department of Energy

U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change

Useful fact:  Western Denmark used only 16% of its wind plant production in 2003.
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N E W S   &   B L O G S

National Wind Watch (U.S. & international, with global and local feeds)

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