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How to avoid being scammed?

Here are some scam scenarios used by scammers to cheat you and get your money. Read it, consider it, but do not become paranoiac and see scammer in every girl who contacts you. Just NEVER SEND MONEY to women you have not met.


MAIN: DO NOT SEND MONEY to women you haven't met! DO NOT OFFER TO SEND MONEY to her to help with anything - very few women would refuse, and then will see the easy way to "make" money.

Try to avoid money question at all. If asked for money - do not send it! Just reply her nicely you wish you could help out in her situation but are unable to at this time. Or simply forget to mention it. If she is a scammer - she will disappear, or make another try.

Don't mention money, your salary and possessions. You may mention that you have a stable financial position, but never say about how much exactly you earn - does she need it right now? She doesn't know prices in your country anyway.

Don't rush the relationship - Take your time and get to know her. If she were a scammer she would not waste her time on long drawn out targets. She needs to see some results right now.

Use dating agencies where you pay for corresponding and letter forwarding: dating net-works care about their reputation, the agency checks their women-clients identity (so, you avoid possibility to write to a phantom woman), the agency translates and delivers letters to women and do not charge them (so, you avoid possibility to be scammed by standard scenario); besides, you can always ask for advice, help and support. If you are going to use services of a dating agency, avoid web-sites that do not accept payments for the services on-line. When you pay with the credit card, your money "leaves a track".