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Sewing Machine Tips 4-9-21

If you don’t know me I am a Sewing Machine tech for over 30 years. Every now and then as I see the need I will post something to my blog

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is adjusting machines with the mistaken assumption what is wrong. The main one is the machine is sewing with loops in the thread, there are big loops on the bottom so they tighten the bobbin case. This is the EXACT opposit of fixing the problem.. If you have big loops of thread on the bottom of the fabric you have no upper tension. Most likely it is misthreaded. If you are having problems rethread the machine carefully making sure the thread goes though all thread guides and the tension unit. If that does not fix it, it probably needs service but be sure the thread is between the tension disks and not behind or in front of them.

The only time you need to look at the bobbin case is the bobbin thread is pulling to the top. Most likely the bobbin thread is not in the tension and just pulling up. It is rare the bobbin case needs adjusting, if you need to make adjustments use the upper tension dial that is why it is there! It could be the upper tension is too tight if it is just pulling up a little, loosen the upper tension, lower numbers are lower tension. Typically most mechanical machines sew between 4-5.

Another problem I see is they misthreaded it, pulled the bobbin case out of position, possibly damaging it. Often they move the brackets so there is no play in the bobbin case so it cant come out again but this is wrong. There must be some clearance around the bobbin case for the thread to flow around it. If there is no room it will jam up.

Needles are another source of problems. If the needle is old it gets dull, it should not make a popping noise going in to the fabric. If you hit the plate because you are pulling the fabric or other wise dammage the needle it must be replaced. If you are breaking needles there is a problem. There are all kinds of types of needles, there are special Denim needles which are sharp, Knit needles for knit material, if your having skips on knit material like a t-shirt be sure you change to a knit needle.

If you need your machine you can bring it to me Scott’s Sewing Machine Repair.


Scottsworld 2020

Scottsworld Other than changing the links menu from the side to the top there was not any real major changes. I just updated both my ancestory database and the Henry Woodward Database on the Genealogy pages on 12-30-2020. I was not sure when I had last done it and Roy Arthur Kelly II my cousin had sent me updates on his family.

Scottworld Blog

WordPress made some changes and now automatically updates the plugins. Which is much appreciated, before I was weekly updating plugins more than I was actually blogging which was getting annoying. I logged in today and ran an SEO update and update my theam, which was the first time I’ve logged in to the WordPress app on my website in a couple months now.

Cactus Wren Weather Station

As part of Scottsworld also got the menu change and actually happened on the weather pages first. Forgot both also got some mobile coding so they work well on mobile devices, not that you will see the code and other than it works not notice it either. One change I am not happy about is the National Weather Service made major changes to their radar page, there are no more regional pages so I had to remove the radar graphic from the weather page because it was broken.. This is the new NWS Radar page and this is the NWS Tutorial on the new Radar page..

BTW I am officially a NWS weather spotter now. We are to report things like; tornadoes, storm damage, flooding, less than 1 mile visibility, large amounts of rain, hail and Snow. NWS SKYWARN Storm Spotter Program

Not that we get a lot of those things in Phoenix or even a big monsoon storm in the last couple years. We are down nearly 4 inches of rain for the year and the only real weather news was it was hot for a long time and we broke several heat related records. We were still hitting 100’s and 90’s into October and it did not drop below 80 until well into December. Then it went from 90 to 60’s in one week. I had to put a coat on to put up Christmas decorations because I was cold at 60.. I grew up in Colorado so I know what real cold feels like.

I am also a CoCoRaHS Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow member, I have an official CoCoRaHS Rain Guage mounted on my weather station and the app on my phone to report any type of moisture we receive. Mostly this year I have cleaned dust and dead bugs out of the rain gauge. Blury thing in the corner is my finger.. Have trouble holding the phone and taking photos..

Daylight Savings

Repeal Daylight Savings

Repeal the stupid daylight savings, it does nothing but disrupt sleep patterns which causes accidents and makes it harder to keep track of what time it is in other states. 

How does moving the clock ahead one hour increase the day? It does not, farmers get up at dawn no mater what the time is and the rest of us have regular schedules.

Arizona does not have Daylight Savings and is one of the things I like most about living here. I remember as a kid in Colorado the sun not setting until almost 9 pm because of DST.

DST is like cutting one end of the blanket off and sewing it to the other end and claiming you made the blanket longer. Moving the clock forward 1 hour does not add anytime to the 24 hour day. This is nothing more than big government screwing with our lives and needs to stop. When searching for information I found this site.


Need Your Help!

SVP (Singer Viking Pfaff) fired me for working on machines while on covid-19 furlough to make money saying I was working against them.
They were not paying me and I am on unemployment and I was making more money with the Cares act on unemployment than I was working for SVP, but it runs out the end of July 2020.

I found while not working there I really hated working there any way. My co-workers were jerks and corporate was a bunch of lying assholes.
Last year they moved the service center the week I had scheduled PT person Time off 3 months before and then they canceled my vacation with no explanation, and then tried to tell me they didn’t know they were moving the service center to a new location that week until the week before. 19 miles away, I was barely affording driving to work on what they paid 4 miles away. I had scheduled that week off off which was the Myers family reunion in Colorado and they made me miss it, after they had pushed me to schedule my vacation at the beginning of the year. We hadn’t had a meaningful raise in years and they cut all overtime in 2018, I made 36,000
in 2019 almost 10K less than what I was making with over time and well below the national nominal wage. That reminds me they combined Vacation, Sick time and any other time off as Personal Time with the end result we had LESS combined time off and sick time than we had before.

This is my please share it with your contacts. I need your sewing machines to repair for money. I am very good at it and fix mainly older machines others will not work on or do not know how but I can work on pretty much any sewing machine.

sewing machine

Scott’s Sewing Machine Repair

This is a bit of a FAQ for Scott’s Sewing Machine Repair.

1 I am working out of my house and you can bring repairs to me at 9416 N 38th Ave, I am in a cul-du-sac south of Hatcher with 3 tall palm trees in the front yard. Or to Ultimate Sewing Place at 5138 W. Northern Ave, Glendale, Arizona.

2 I don’t sell sewing machines, see Ultimate Sewing Place.

3 I am not hiring, I don’t get near enough machines to need help. I get on average 2-3 machines a week. Mainly from people sewing masks for Covad. Some bring me old machines because no one else would fix them.

4 They wanted me to come back to work on May 26 but I told them I am getting more money on unemployment than than I do working for SVP. I also got better insurance with unemployment and I am getting some stuff Cigna would not covered fixed. I have 5 prolapsed veins in my legs and they are swollen and red. On 29 May I will be seeing laser Vein Surgeon to have them fixed. Care1 is good. At work we have a high deductible plan which is designed you will never meet the deductible unless you have something catastrophic happen which you have to pay out of your HSA which SVP only contributes about 1/4 of the deductible.. Or it comes out of your pocket. Then last year they went from 100% after the deductible to 70% of the deductible and what came out of our check biweekly paycheck went from $45 to $75. So I am on temporary leave until I get my medical straitened out and they get me a pay increase. Maybe I will go back to work mid to end of July.

5 I don’t sell parts over the phone, if you bring me a repair and I have the part or you get it to me then I will put it in. For the most part stuff like handwheels, knobs, covers and such are not available for older machines and some new ones too. I have some spool pins, bobbin cases, Singer Feather weight parts and Viking 6000 parts and that is about it.

6 Please leave a review on Google if I have fixed your machine

7 Please text me first, I have Robokiller on my Phone that blocks unknown phone numbers so you will end up talking to it unless you text me first and I add you to my contacts. I need your name.

HTML sewing machine social distancing

Covad 19

I was furloughed March 23 the day before my 56 birthday for 60 days because SVP Sewing Brands claimed they did not have enough sales to pay me and the driver but kept on the head jerk who ‘s pay would have covered mine and the drivers pay. This even though I have been there 20+ years and longer than any of the others combined,

I don’t miss work at all, I do miss being paid and that is as far as it goes. If I could make a better living doing something else I will. We have not had a cost of living raise since Viking White became SVP . I am paid far below the nominal pay of someone my age. Last year they cut all or overtime, in the last two years I have gone from $43,000 to $36,000. 10-15 years ago it was good money but everything has gone up because the government is inflating the dollar to finance their over spending. Now I barely get by on what I make.

We have mostly been staying home other than to go out for food when we can not have it delivered. Both of us are at risk, she is 5 years older than I. I have allergies which cause issues with my breathing and lungs. I had pneumonia when I was 5 and if I work out and stress my lungs I cough. My allergies make me cough and sneeze, if it grows I am probably allergic to it. I know I’m really allergic to Palo verde pollen which are every where in Phoenix. If I get a cold or flue a cough can hold on for months so getting Covad would be a very bad thing for me.

I have been updating my web skills taking classes from I earned my HTML5 certification taking a Web Authoring class and started another that would certify me in HTML, CSS and Java Script. I am not near as happy with it. The class is so out of date that the HTML lessons are using font tags! Font has been discontinued since HTML 4.3. CSS styles have replaced font since then and now with HTML5 has taken over the positioning and placement of elements. Responsive web design for sites to display in mobile devices is all about CSS

I put up a page Scott’s Sewing Machine Repair, posted about it on Neighborhood link, facebook and even spent $50 on running Facebook add in the local area. for that I got two people who said they would bring repairs but never showed up. I have had one person bring me a repair from Neighborhood Link from the local area. She rang the door bell and then talked to me from the side walk in front of the house 20 feet away. Even cleaned the machine and case with alcohol wipes before bringing it to me. I appreciate that even though I think it is way over kill. There is no evidence that anyone has got covad 19 from touching a surface.

I can not make a living on 2 repairs a month.. I had another who brought me an old machine referred by a store to me which has been since closed. Or run more adds that were seen by over 10,000 people and only two contacted me and then did not follow through.

I applied for unemployment but in Arizona they only pay $240 a week. We buy food with my significant other’s disability. We can not get married because she would then loose her insurance and then we would be starving to death as my income barely was paying the mortgage which was nearly all of one check, Then my other biweekly check went to paying electricity, water, gas, my cell phone, internet and keeping my truck running. I contacted the mortgage company (Rocket mortage/Quicken Loans) and they have deferred my payments until July. But I have heard I might have to catch up the back payments when I start again which there is no way I can do that. If I am barely paying each month and have no income how am I to catch up in July? I will have to check on that to see if it is true we have to make up back payments.

So how are you, how has the Covad pandemic affected your life?

blog HTML scottsworld

Menu changes

I have been fiddling with side menu for over a year, was having issues with when it was open it did not scroll with the page and on long pages could not be seen. I recently changed the main page on Cactus Wren to a responsive set up and the side menu in the test page broke the whole set up when opened so it was time to find something else. Cactus Wren with the new menu now will display normally as two columns of content and on mobile devices the right column drops under the left and shows as one long page.

The top menu was deployed there first and now has come to all of the website except the genealogy pages and Woodward pages. For some reason the Woodward pages do not obey the container settings and the menu is all messed up. Still have not figured out the weirdness for that. I suspect maybe something to do with the image back ground which is unique to those pages. The The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding v. 12.2, Scotts ancestors and Captain Henry Woordward’s descendants are a PHP set up like WordPress so they are a different challenges to change.

I have changed my WordPress theam to 2020 which allowed me to have a blue menu header with links. Still investigating on how to do drop down buttons on it like the rest of my site. I found the drop down buttons on WC3schools. I looked at several and there was only one that allowed me to have multiple drop down buttons with different menus some would show the first menu on child buttons and basically just plain text. I had to experiment with their menus until I found this set up.

If you have seen a lot of menu code they often involve styling list items. This has no list for the menu links and no class to style the url links either. I did have the buttons open the main URL but when using it mobile with no mouse it made it difficult to access the drop down menu so I removed the links in the buttons and now they just activate the drop down menu. It is a combination of HTML, CSS and java script to make it work. At first it was not working on the duckduckgo android browser, the buttons did not appear and the links showed on the blue background. I did not change anything and it now is working.. Works on all the browser combinations I have tried.

WordPress has been updated to the latest version. I also made a change of the fonts on the website. I have wordpress showing serif but not the Faustina variable font I picked from Google fonts yet, another change I need to research. I did that after a recent class Udemy html5 class assignment to pick 4 favorite fonts and show them in the assignment.


Iframe V Embed v Object

I have been taking a class on HTML5 certification from a recent section was on Media and the assignment to submit: was to create a page with 3 photos and 3 videos of wonders of the world. They had a link to a site I had never heard of before where we could find free images and .mp4 videos which we we were to use the < video controls = controls > < source src = video . mp4 > < / video > (also an < audio > tag that works the same with mp3) Obviously that isn’t proper html but if I write proper html tags it shows what it does instead of the tags, when I copied the code from the pdf of the lecture and pasted, it created a block with a video player below..

The site was showing videos with vemo and I could not find any free .mp4 to use that I could link too and vemo doesn’t seem to have share like Youtube. Which gave me the idea of using youtube videos was not following the exact directions of the lesson and I submitted it yesterday so I will see if I get a email to resubmit it correctly done or not..

Had a problem with putting 3 youtube videos in one page where the bottom video playing in the top video iframe even though the code was different. After being frustrated with this for a while I recalled that I had similar problems with iframe trying to use more than one iframe in a page (iframe has replaced frame in html5 and my questions Answered by the Book of Mormon page is a frame I have experimented with a iframe version but it does not work the same as the frame page and I am not happy with it). Apparently you can not have more than one iframe in a page with out having issues with it.

If you have ever pasted a youtube video in to a blog or webpage and used the embed share button you will have seen the code uses iframe. I did some searching on iframes problems but was not finding any exact answer to my problem. I did get a clue on a page about iframe V object and that led to me to this video about using iframes, object or embed. After watching it I had the idea of replacing the iframes with embed commands and then my videos worked the way they are supposed to. Some time I will have to put up some pages with my class assignments I can’t use the pages that I submit as they have my class information in them..

HTML Video tutorial 77 iframe tag v Object tag v embed tag.


Democrat controlled House Voting on illegal ammesty

House to vote on AMNESTY bill THIS WEEK! Send a FREE message, urging your U.S. Representative to vote NO!

Dear opponents of amnesty and indentured servitude,

The House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 5038, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, later this week. This deceptively-named bill doesn’t modernize the farm workforce; instead, it grants amnesty to illegal aliens and renews the 17th Century system of indentured servitude.

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Impeachment Fight the Coup



Today’s impeachment hearing, the second by the House Judiciary Committee, could be the final one before the House drafts articles of impeachment against President Trump. When asked on CNN yesterday if Representatives would vote on those articles THIS WEEK, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) replied, “It is possible.”

Despite a total lack of evidence that our Commander-in-Chief committed any crime in his dealings with Ukraine, the Democrat-led House continues steamrolling toward impeachment. Polls show that Republicans AND Independents are tired of this latest Witch Hunt against the President.

During Nadler’s opening statement this morning, an outraged protestor yelled what many (if not most) Americans think about impeachment:

“Jerry Nadler and the Democrat party are committing treason against this country! … Americans are sick of your impeachment scam!”

The protestor continued yelling for more than 30 seconds while being led out of the hearing by Capitol Police, as Nadler slammed his gavel and repeatedly called for “Order in the room.” (Watch the video by clicking here to visit Grassfire’s “FIGHT THE COUP!” website.)


Last week, Grassfire updated our “I SAY NO ON IMPEACHMENT” FaxFire to include EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE along with YOUR Representative, YOUR Senators AND key leaders in both the House and Senate! We want to amplify your voice and rush thousands of faxes to Congress THIS WEEK to “FIGHT THE COUP!” against President Trump!

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