Iframe V Embed v Object

I have been taking a class on HTML5 certification from a recent section was on Media and the assignment to submit: was to create a page with 3 photos and 3 videos of wonders of the world. They had a link to a site I had never heard of before where we could find free images and .mp4 videos which we we were to use the < video controls = controls > < source src = video . mp4 > < / video > (also an < audio > tag that works the same with mp3) Obviously that isn’t proper html but if I write proper html tags it shows what it does instead of the tags, when I copied the code from the pdf of the lecture and pasted, it created a block with a video player below..

The site was showing videos with vemo and I could not find any free .mp4 to use that I could link too and vemo doesn’t seem to have share like Youtube. Which gave me the idea of using youtube videos was not following the exact directions of the lesson and I submitted it yesterday so I will see if I get a email to resubmit it correctly done or not..

Had a problem with putting 3 youtube videos in one page where the bottom video playing in the top video iframe even though the code was different. After being frustrated with this for a while I recalled that I had similar problems with iframe trying to use more than one iframe in a page (iframe has replaced frame in html5 and my questions Answered by the Book of Mormon page is a frame I have experimented with a iframe version but it does not work the same as the frame page and I am not happy with it). Apparently you can not have more than one iframe in a page with out having issues with it.

If you have ever pasted a youtube video in to a blog or webpage and used the embed share button you will have seen the code uses iframe. I did some searching on iframes problems but was not finding any exact answer to my problem. I did get a clue on a page about iframe V object and that led to me to this video about using iframes, object or embed. After watching it I had the idea of replacing the iframes with embed commands and then my videos worked the way they are supposed to. Some time I will have to put up some pages with my class assignments I can’t use the pages that I submit as they have my class information in them..

HTML Video tutorial 77 iframe tag v Object tag v embed tag.