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“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
when the government fears the people, there is liberty” – Thomas Jefferson

“I love my country but fear what it’s government has become..” – unknown

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I am interested in politics, I don’t fit in any clearly defined category. If I had to define myself I guess I would be a Libertarian Republican, far right wing conservative or a Constitutionalist, take your pick. I’d probably be a Libertarian but most of the Libertarians I know are whack jobs.. So call me a conservative constitutionalist.
I am a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights as will as the rest of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. See my The People’s Right to Bear Arms and 2nd Amendment Quotes web pages
I believe our government ignores these inspired documents and we the people need to do what ever we must to keep them from taking our rights and freedoms from us, whether incrementally or wholesale. If strong opinions don’t upset you and you won’t be offended by what I say, considering what I’ve already told you, then go ahead and read the rest of the page. If they do upset you, you were warned so don’t complain to me about it! As the T-shirt one of my sisters gave me for Christmas a while back says “I’m not opinionated, I’m just always right!”.
Some quick thoughts on current politics. Democrats are evil and while the Republicans aren’t the best we could hope for they are a an improvement over having immoral socialists who stand for about everything I oppose being in charge.
I have a lot of complaints about President Bush and the Republicans, I don’t know why the Democrats are complain so much (other than they aren’t in power and that is all they care about wether it is good for the country or not), the Republicans have massively grown the size of government since they have been in office and have spent like drunken sailors, something the Democrats would do if they were in power. About the only things I can say Bush and the Republican congress have done I like is lower taxes some, put in some conservative judges which is extremely important and have done a fair job on the war on terror. Even though the mainstream media and Democrats have done their best to under mine what we are doing. If the Democrats win back the House and Senate this year it will be bad for the country and I blame the Republicans because they have done such a lousy job of running the country and have forsaken their roots.
The one thing I want the Republicans to do right away is close our boarders. We are being invaded and it has to stop. If we have to post the military on the Mexican boarder and shoot every person that tries to cross the boarder illegally to make it stop I’d be for it, we must do what ever it takes! I live in Arizona and I see the costs of illegal immigration, nay, invaders who are violating our borders. We are spending a fortune on bi-lingual education, our hospitals are closing emergency rooms because they are going bankrupt. We have the highest stolen car rate in the nation. It is common for the illegals to get in accidents and then take off because they are here illegal and have no insurance.
I saw the results of one such accident a couple months ago. A pickup I’m sure was driven by an illegal ran a red light in front of my dentist’s office, hit an SUV, turned it over, took out a electric pole, fire hydrant and only because it hit a large tree and stopped preventing it from plowing into the dentist’s office. The driver got out and took off running, there were several witnesses, from the nearby school and apartment complex across the street, but no one tried to stop him.. I could go on and on about such problems, but need to get to bed.. They cause crime, gangs, drugs, people smuggling, you name it and we have it all going on in Arizona..
Well, I will keep this some what short since it is late and this is really a test of the email my post to my blog set up. When I have more time I will rant some more. The one thing I don’t have a lot of these days is time..


Nadezhda Lekomtsewa , Beware of this scammer

Be WARNED If you are contacted by anyone from Russia wanting to become romantically involved with you it is extremely likely you are being scammed.

See for common scenarios.

She contacted me using the user name Daisy Wheel on and has been seen on many other singles sites using many names. We started writing in April 06 Using the name Nadezhda Lekomtsewa, claimed she was a gynecologist for the Ministry of Health in a small village of Petrovka near Taganrog.


After writing me for months she pulled the scam; she has 3 weeks of vacation because they are remodeling the clinic (said she uses a computer in the accounting department to email me) and has gotten her visa (sent the photo above of it), she wants to pay her way because I’m suspicious, but it cost her a lot of money to get her visa and then someone broke all the windows out of her place, so she and her best friend Elena had pawned all their jewelry and still needs $230 and must have it in 3 days or she will lose the money she put down on the ticket. Sent me the flight information, I tracked the flights as valid flights back to were Areoflot got her to Canada. I did that, and not wanting her to worry about her jewelry sent a couple hundred more unasked so she could get her jewelry back..

Said she was thrilled and her friend Elena was sending me a small gift with her to thank me. This is just a small part of what she wrote when I sent her the money, she always wrote very long letters, was very sweet. “I have received your help! Many thanks for everything what you have made for me. I very much grateful to you. Now in my heart all is quiet. I am very glad, that you have helped me. Now I will prepare for departure. I’m so happy that my dream comes true. You have trusted me and not in vain. You are a best. I till now cannot understand, how American ladies could miss such a treasure. When I will be with you, I will show to all American ladies how necessary to love and how Russian girl able to love. You have the kindest and attentive heart. Thanks for your help! I am so happy! I am happy every day, but now to my happiness the was added absolute confidence, that I will meet you! And it simply a fantastic. I’m in a fairy tale that already turns to a reality! First you brightened my life and made me feel loved, now you have helped me! And when we will meet you will understand that my gratitude for everything that you already did for me is much greater than I could express by the words! I will arrive to you on July, 13. Please my dear, do not mix and do not forget! I do not want to stay at the airport in loneliness. July, 13. at 6:34 am (your time) Phoenix (PHX) flight 8353 US Airways. I have returned my jewelry! I will never forget what you have made it for me! And Elena could not believe when I have brought to her her earrings!!!”

Claimed it took several days to get to Moscow from Taganrog, told me about the train trip. When she got to Moscow she said she needed $500 because they would not let her leave with out having enough money to support herself here and would give it all back to me when she got here.

After I sent her the money the next day she told me she was in an accident and would be in the hospital for two week and then would come. Sent another message a couple days later to please keep writing she needed me to keep her spirits up. Haven’t heard from her since, that was 13 July 06.

She told me she turned 30 July 15th, we were planning a big day for her birthday.. I have two tickets to the zoo which the told me she had never seen one and have no one to go with now.. Nadezhda sent me many pictures, one of her holding a sign that says I miss you Scott and something in Russian that she told me says kiss you tenderly, when she claimed she had not heard from me in two weeks in June. From that I think she is a real person. Extremely convincing liar..,


Usually I’m a pretty good BS detector but she’s the best liar (if it is a she, there are several people using these photos I’m sure) I’ve ever ran across. I have many long personal letters from her, she answered most of my questions. Told me she didn’t like Russian men because they drank too much and the only boyfriend she’s had got drunk and beat her. Both her parents are deceased, told me details, she has no family and no reason to stay in Russia. I could go on and on about all the stuff she told me to convince me I could trust her and she had feelings for me, but won’t. I have a lot more photos of her, she sent one with nearly every email she sent me.

Nadezhda folder on Snap Fish

Note they will make you sign up for a Snapfish account before they will allow you to see the Photos. There are 42 pictures.

Browsing the site I’ve seen her photos, some the same as what she sent me, some different, under MANY names along with a red headed friend Elena Presnyacowa, she claimed they work together as doctors at the clinic in Petrovka and sent me a picture of them in an office, Also sent me a photo of herself with a friend Irina a blond, have not found her on the site yet. Also a photo with her and her mother, I’ve seen another photo with a different woman I’m sure she claimed was her mother to the guy she was writing. Boy do I feel dumb.

There are a few more photos I’ve seen that might be her with different makeup and her hair done differently. Her picture is being used under all these names and very likely more.

Here are some of her known aliases and e-mail addresses: Nadezhda Lekomtsewa, Daisywheel, Elena Sergeeva, Olga Shalagina, tatyana06, Marina Serebrykova, Ivanoanastasiya, Anastasiya, anastasiya78, Riyna Rogova , Anna, Anutik, Galina, zaika, Anastasiya, Detka222, Aleksandra Portichina, Irina Latypova, Ellenka, Galina11, tulip1976, Anuta Seergeeva, Rainbow1976, Ludmila, ludmila441, Larisa, Larisalove, Tanya Svinina, Tatyana, Lariko,Nadezhda Lewkomtsewa


Nadezhda (got a threating letter saying they are the Russian Mofia from this address). See the bottom Used this one with me and others nadezhda

I have found her photos being used under all these reports on

The first one is my report. 3rd Report


Riyna Rogova

Svetlana Bacanychewa

Irina Latypova

Irina Latypova

Alevtina Smolenceva


Nadezhda Lekomtsewa

Nadezhda Lekomtsewa


Nadezhda Koroleva


Her friend:
Elena Presnyakowa

If something happens to me contact the FBI..

I got this after I told them I knew about them, and I was going to organize all the people they have scammed and take revenge on them:

Nadezhda Fri, 25 Aug 2006 09:08:20 +0630

Hello probably you dig far.

But it is not good, you do not understand all situation.

I shall consist in a corrupt Mafia here again many people with which to you are involved better to not deal.

The more you find out, the worse for you and those who too wants to be allocated. We shall not suffer your tricks!!!!!!!

We know your address and to us will not make special work to remove you. We simply inform your given to our friends in your city and tomorrow can’t to you already is find your relatives, to you it is not necessary?????

Question only in it!!!!!!!!!!

If you were bothered with your pity life we simply shall help you to leave her. All this is done elementary so choice to do to you.

Yes, I the girl but on you small insects, I lift economy of Moscow. Ha-Ha/

We simply shall not suffer that the pity insect got in the way.

Think you not the hero of the insurgent which climbs in fire and survives. You the simple inhabitant of the city who should not interfere with a politics of other states.

I think that we have understood each other.

Well!!!!!!!! The CHOICE FOR YOU.

Sincerely yours LOVE.

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