Need Your Help!

SVP (Singer Viking Pfaff) fired me for working on machines while on covid-19 furlough to make money saying I was working against them.
They were not paying me and I am on unemployment and I was making more money with the Cares act on unemployment than I was working for SVP, but it runs out the end of July 2020.

I found while not working there I really hated working there any way. My co-workers were jerks and corporate was a bunch of lying assholes.
Last year they moved the service center the week I had scheduled PT person Time off 3 months before and then they canceled my vacation with no explanation, and then tried to tell me they didn’t know they were moving the service center to a new location that week until the week before. 19 miles away, I was barely affording driving to work on what they paid 4 miles away. I had scheduled that week off off which was the Myers family reunion in Colorado and they made me miss it, after they had pushed me to schedule my vacation at the beginning of the year. We hadn’t had a meaningful raise in years and they cut all overtime in 2018, I made 36,000
in 2019 almost 10K less than what I was making with over time and well below the national nominal wage. That reminds me they combined Vacation, Sick time and any other time off as Personal Time with the end result we had LESS combined time off and sick time than we had before.

This is my please share it with your contacts. I need your sewing machines to repair for money. I am very good at it and fix mainly older machines others will not work on or do not know how but I can work on pretty much any sewing machine.