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Scott’s Sewing Machine Repair

This is a bit of a FAQ for Scott’s Sewing Machine Repair.

1 I am working out of my house and you can bring repairs to me at 9416 N 38th Ave, I am in a cul-du-sac south of Hatcher with 3 tall palm trees in the front yard. Or to Ultimate Sewing Place at 5138 W. Northern Ave, Glendale, Arizona.

2 I don’t sell sewing machines, see Ultimate Sewing Place.

3 I am not hiring, I don’t get near enough machines to need help. I get on average 2-3 machines a week. Mainly from people sewing masks for Covad. Some bring me old machines because no one else would fix them.

4 They wanted me to come back to work on May 26 but I told them I am getting more money on unemployment than than I do working for SVP. I also got better insurance with unemployment and I am getting some stuff Cigna would not covered fixed. I have 5 prolapsed veins in my legs and they are swollen and red. On 29 May I will be seeing laser Vein Surgeon to have them fixed. Care1 is good. At work we have a high deductible plan which is designed you will never meet the deductible unless you have something catastrophic happen which you have to pay out of your HSA which SVP only contributes about 1/4 of the deductible.. Or it comes out of your pocket. Then last year they went from 100% after the deductible to 70% of the deductible and what came out of our check biweekly paycheck went from $45 to $75. So I am on temporary leave until I get my medical straitened out and they get me a pay increase. Maybe I will go back to work mid to end of July.

5 I don’t sell parts over the phone, if you bring me a repair and I have the part or you get it to me then I will put it in. For the most part stuff like handwheels, knobs, covers and such are not available for older machines and some new ones too. I have some spool pins, bobbin cases, Singer Feather weight parts and Viking 6000 parts and that is about it.

6 Please leave a review on Google if I have fixed your machine

7 Please text me first, I have Robokiller on my Phone that blocks unknown phone numbers so you will end up talking to it unless you text me first and I add you to my contacts. I need your name.