Rangel: 'Islamofascist' an Insult - 'You Never Called Hitler a Christian Fascist'

August 11th, 2006 9:47 PM

It doesn't take much to offend liberals' exquisite sensitivities. The latest? Referring to Islamofascists as . . . Islamofascists. Chris Matthews got the ball rolling on this evening's Hardball. But Charlie Rangel upped the ante to the max, managing to impugn Christians and Jews in the bargain. Fortunately, GOP Congressman Dan Lungren had the guts to call Rangel on it.

Matthews got things started by challenging Lungren: "Would you include Hezbollah in that group [of Islamofascists]? Would you include Hamas, they are they enemies of Israel. Are they also enemies of ours? Are they also fascists because they have a dispute with Israel? Anybody who is against us is a fascist now."

Rangel sent things to the moon a bit later with this line: "You take Islamic and you call them fascists, you call them radical. You never called Hitler a Christian fascist. This is insulting to an entire religion."

Lungren wouldn't be intimidated: "No it's not that at all, and that is absolute nonsense to say that."

Rangel wasn't finished: "We got Christian killers, we got Jewish killers, and we never identify them by religion. What you're doing is demonizing."

Demonizing, Charlie? What would you call the people who wanted to blow up thousands of innocents civilians over the Atlantic this week?