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Welcome to the Descendants of Captain Henry Woodward website. This edition (22 April 2008) has ten generations of Descendants of Henry Woodward who was Born in England around 1736, came to America, served in the French and Indian Ward in the 1750's under George Washington. Henry for his service was awarded a land track in Stafford county Virginia. Henry Woodward married Sarah Shelton whom we also believe came from England, possibly on the same ship. They had 3 sons between 1761 and 1776 (James, Jesse and William), the sons had many children and descendants who went westward mostly to Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and other surrounding areas. This page was updated 1 June 2017.

Most of this information comes from the book "Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward. Woodward/Woodard History". Compiled by; Naomi (Anderson) Smith and Warren D. Woodward, both of whom are now deceased. It is not a bound book, it is bound in a vinyl 2 post keeper. I suppose it has always been in this form, passed out at family reunions most likely. The edition (fifth) which I have a copy of, was published in November 1981, having been first published in August of 1968 according to the cover page. The copy I have is a photocopy of a photocopy of unknown generations of copies.. It is not very readable in spots and some pages have some of the information cut off where it didn't get copied or in a few cases a page referenced is missing. There are some photographs of varying quality, mostly bad. If you've ever seen a photocopy of a photograph, you know it doesn't come out well. It isn't feasible to make more copies of the book in the condition it is in, which is why I've felt it important to get the information into a database and up on the web so it can benefit the greatest number of Woodward/Woodard researchers. My mother borrowed the copy that I copied from her aunt Alice Woodward and I do not know where she received it from, most likely a Woodward reunion. The index page of this website is as close to the cover of the book as can be done in HTML and of course the book cover does not include the website links or website edition date at the bottom.

I have recently added a couple pages of information about Henry Woodward's military orders and a Petition to King Henry II to be posted to the Great Lakes area. These can be found under the Table of Contents. This information is not in the book.

All the information that was in the book is on this website and in the database which you can have a copy of by downloading the Gedcom file and importing into a genealogy program. A copy of all information on each person that was in the book is contained in the notes for that person. There is a link on each persons listing on the site to their notes.

Below are the notes for James Abraham Woodward, Henry Woodward's oldest son, everyone that was in the book will have a header stating which page and their information. People in the database which do not have this were not in the book and came from another source.

!From the book WOODWARD - WOODARD, History, Descendants of Capt. Henry WOODWARD
Page 1
    James Abraham WOODWARD, First child of Capt. Henry &  Sarah
BORN: in 1761, Stafford Co., Virginia
DIED: 26 July 1836, Sagamon Co., Illinois
MARRIED: 14 May 1797 to Jane (Jennie) HYDEN, born 1773, Stafford Co.,
         Virginia died in June 1856, Sagamon Co., Illinois, daughter
         of Henry & Lydia (....) HYDEN, (Henry HYDEN was a supplier
         of troops in Rev. War and at least one of Jane's brothers
         fought in Rev. War.  One brother was also founder of Hyden, Kentucky..
NOTE: Name was given as James WOODWARD initially but later children's information lists
their father as James Abraham WOODWARD.  Moved to Lee County, Virginia in 1808?

It took me many years doing as much as I could in what little free time I had, but finally (2002) finish inputting all the information from the book into a genealogy database from which this website (other than the pages I've added to it) is generated using Ancestral Quest. I have long since forgotten when I started, but think it was in the late 1980's. I know when I started I was using a 486 CPU running Windows 3.11 and mostly worked in DOS, or maybe even an XT 8088 running DOS. I started the database with PAF (Personal Ancestral File) 2.x, later switched to 3.0 and finally to Ancestral Quest Ver. 2, 3, 2002 and now 12. If I remember right this is the sixth edition of the Website and third location of it. I will update the gedcom from time to time as more information comes to into my possession, more often than the website which requires major work to do.

I spent many years working on getting the whole book into the database so it can be searched and each family's information together. The way the book is laid out made it hard to follow and do data entry from or find people. It uses the format, starting with the earliest Ancestor; Henry Woodward, lists his family but only gives the children's names, unless the children died without having descendants, then it will list their information, I.E. dates, locations, and spouse if they were available, that is the end of that line. In Henry's case it lists his three children, then below that the oldest child's (James) family, their names, then James' oldest child is on the next page, etc., until the end of the known descendants for that line. Usually it will be many pages from where a persons name was given under that persons parents and any other information is give on that individual, when you get to their family. Then it goes back to the next child of James Woodward, all the way to the end of his descendants, until it finishes all of James' children's (12 of them..) descendants. Then it starts with next child of Henry Woodward (Jesse, on page 182) and follows his oldest descendent and works though his descendants to the end of them before giving any information about Henry Woodward's last child, (William Presley, on page 205.). See page 7 of the Introductory pages I've reproduced from the book below, it will show better what I'm trying to explain.

Primarily the book covers the descendants of his first son (James) who had 12 children and their descendants which make up the majority of the book. Mainly because the two compilers of the book were James' Descendants, as am I. There is little on Henry Woodward's younger children in the book, although more has been contributed to me by other descendants who have found this website. In recent information I have received from my relatives, there might be a fourth son, John born between Jesse and William. I have no other firm information on him or any descendants, and there is no support for a 4th son any where in the book, so I question if he really is another child of Henry Woodward and listed him as disputed in the database.

There are more pages in the book than the index would indicate as later editions had pages added without renumbering the book. They added sections by adding a letter to the page number. This is why some pages in the index are 22A, 56A, etc., some additions go through M.. I guess there are more than 300 pages, there are 209 that are numbered, plus the additions, introduction and the end index pages which are numbered separately. The book sadly lacks much in the way of primary references, often an entry is no more than a name and if your lucky a date, locations are rarely listed. This includes not having the birth, death and marriage dates and locations most of the people including Henry Woodward himself or his wife Mary Shelton. If you can supply more information on anyone in the database or who should be in the database please contact me with the information, I will be happy to include it.

If you can connect to any of the people in the database and provide any more information than I have, any dates, locations, marriage records, other court records, census data, more descendants or any information at all, I will be happy to add it to the database and share what I have with you. Maybe someday we can accurately account for all the Descendants of Captain Henry Woodward. If you are a Woodward researcher, If your know you are a descendent of Henry Woodward PLEASE e-Mail so we can share information and keep the database updated. Maybe when I retire in a couple of decades I will have more time to do such stuff. I prefer you submit information in gedcom format as I already have spent many years entering the typed information in the book into the database and do not have time to do more. A GEDCom is a Genealogy exchange file, any decent genealogy program should be able to produce one or import one. You generally produce one from the file menu and export. If you need a program, you can download the program I'm using the paid for version, Free Trial of Ancestral Quest.

Several people have already shared information with me so far and they deserve many thanks, their help spurred me on to keep working on completing this project which I worked on for many years. I can't even begin to guess how much time the compilers of the book,Warren Woodward (1A1L6C1) and Naomi Anderson (1A12C1E) spent compiling the book. I do know the first edition was published in August in 1968 and the copy I have (fifth) in November of 1981. They must of spent years contacting people before the first edition was ready. Without their efforts this project would not exist at all. All descendants of Henry Woodward owe them a deep debt of gratitude for their work. Forgive me if I've left anyone out who deserves credit, let me know if I have and I will correct it. I'm not the best record keeper..

Thank You's,
The following people have contributed information to the Descendants of Henry Woodward project:

Warren Woodward and Naomi Anderson for compiling the book Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward Scott Scheibe: All data entry from the "Descendants of Henry Woodward/Woodard" book and other sources into the database, Webmaster of this site, and my eight generations of descendent of Henry Woodward.
Jim Brigham: Descendants of Oscar Steward and Vesta Zoe Butler (Oscar a descendent of James Abraham Woodward).
Phillip Cornwall: Descendants of Opal Latrica GRABILL, First child of Samuel Washington & Birdie E. (THRAILKILL) GRABILL. Phil gave me information on her family and descendants.
Jean Deal: Descendants of John S. (P. In book) WOODWARD, Ninth child of Jesse (Edward ?) & Mary (Mollie) (HYDEN) WOODWARD.
Harry Dunbar: Descendants of William Presley Woodward/Woodard, primarily through William's daughter Sarah Ann.
Joan Freeman: some marriage information on Ely's in DeWitt Co., Illinois
Bob Glazer: Descendants of William Presley Woodward/Woodard.
Joseph Hanson sent me Henry Woodward's Petion to King George III and information about his family.
Don Kemper: Descendants of John Gideon Taylor and Martha Eleanor Edwards, Daughter of George Edwards and Mary Woodward.
Sara Lemen: Descendants of Matthew Hyatt Lemen, Jr.& Elsie Idola Woodward
Jeanette Lewis: Samuel Moses Sheets family
Lena Mueterthies: Descendants of James Archie (went by Archie) Grabill
Scott Myers: one of my cousins, sent me a great deal of information on the MYERS (my mother) side of the family which includes the Woodwards
Marilyn Park - Myers: one of my aunts, Scott's mother, sent me an large update in 2007 of information on the MYERS (my mother) side of the family which includes the Woodwards.
Leann Shawcroft - Westman: one of my cousins corrected and updated some information on her side of the family.
Susan Shelton: Family of Naomi Balch Chelap
Ace Tipton: Descendants of Martin B. WOODWARD, second child of James & Jane (Jennie) (NAPIER) WOODWARD. He has Martin B. WOODWARD's bible or genealogy information from it.
Jeff Woodward information his family. He has a website Woodward Family Tree
Nancy Hyden Woodward: her family
Robert E Woodard Sr: his family
James M. Zwiener: Descendants of George Fry WOODWARD, tenth child of Henry Hyden & Elizabeth (ELY) WOODWARD. He has given me a large amount of information on George Fry's descendants and some on the HYDEN's, thank you much Jim.

My descendancy from Henry Woodward:

  1. (1) Henry Woodward, first known Woodward ancestor
  2. (1A) James Abraham Woodward, first child of Capt. Henry
  3. (1A12) David Thompson Woodward, twelfth child of James
  4. (1A12E) James Rucker Woodward, fifth child of David Thompson
  5. (1A12E3) Lloyd Edward Woodward, third child of James Rucker
  6. (1A12E3B) Florence Martha Woodward, second child of Lloyd Edward
  7. (1A12E3B5) Saramae Beth Myers, fifth child of Florence Martha
  8. (1A12E3B5A) Scott Scheibe, first child of Saramae Beth

The code is used in the book and alternates number, letter for each generation, with no distinction for sex or which child of which wife if there was more than one wife I.E. (David Thompson Woodward was married three times and had children by all of them, for instance James Rucker was his fifth child, but second child by his second wife). All Descendants of of James are 1Axxxx, all Descendants of Jesse are 1Bxxxx, William 1Cxxxx and John 1Dxxxx. The codes are in the database as an ID number.

Introductory Pages of the book;
Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward

I have reproduced as closely as I can, the first eleven pages of the book with HTML. They look very close on my computer using Firefox, differences in monitors, browsers, etc. will affect how they appear to you. Note that the Letter from George Washington was started on page IV of the book, but I put the whole letter on page V, leaving the page number and "continued" between the two halves of the letter. At the bottom of each page there are links to the Next Page and Previous Page, except for the beginning and ending pages obviously can't have a Previous and Next page respectively, and back to this page, Home. I also included the first page with Capt. Henry's family, which will show how the information is given, making it difficult to do data entry from the book and search it for any particular individual and the next page that has his oldest son James Descendants. Those are the first eleven pages and then following them are pages of other items such as personal letters scattered though out the book that are listed on the Contents on page I. I have put all the items listed on the content page on the website except for the "Index of Surnames of Descendants other than Woodward". The website has a list and link for every surname in the database, see the Table of Contents below.

          (6 sons and 6 daughters)  Pages 1 to 181

          (8 sons and 3 daughters)  Pages 182 to 204



The families of James Woodward, Jesse and William Presley Woodward are the children of Henry Woodward, their records are in the database from which the website was created from. All information in the book is contained in their notes which are linked to in their record on the site. The Index of Surnames covers three and 1/2 pages of three columns of surnames each, each surname is followed by a page #. The last half a page has additions which were added to the book later. I counted 52 surnames in the first column on the first page alone. It would only be useful if you had the book and I don't think it was kept completely updated. You can see the complete surname list of everyone in the database / on the website below in the Table of Contents. There are currently almost 6591 people in the database, not all of them are on the website since the Gedcom is newer than the website. I will make an update to it eventually.. Anything in [notes] are my comments and are not in the book.


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