Stupid drivers

I am sure there are plenty of stupid driver stories out there. This is mine this morning.

On the way to work on my usual route, I caught up to 4 cars at the first light. 2 in the left lane and one each in the center and right lanes. They all took off and drove slowly so we caught the mid street light red. Most intelligent people know in Phoenix you need to drive about 10 miles over the speed limit to catch the lights green.

At the mid mile light the first car in the left lane pulled into the left turn lane, and the car behind it fell back as they braked leaving me room to pull into the left lane as I turn left at the next major intersection.

I took off at a reasonable speed and was accerating up to 10 miles over. The car in the center lane who had been driving 2 miles under the speed limit a of a sudden from almost two block back floored it, passed me and slowed down.. Being the person I am I started tailgating her like 2 feet behind her until she pulled back into the center lane.

We got to the next light and the turn, light had already changed and it is turn on green arrow only. The woman in the car stopped at the light, opened the door door and was yelling at me, the windows were up and the radio was loud so I couldn’t hear anything she said and didn’t care, I would not have tailgated her if she had not of passed me doing like 70 to pull in front of me and slow down.