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LDS Singles Blog ward

LDS Singles Blog ward

I’m a new member of the Blog Ward, I generally don’t rant about church things or my social life (or lack there of) publicly and if I did feel like doing so would normally rant on my LDS Singles list on Yahoo Groups. This is a quick note as the computer will do it’s scheduled weather station reboot in 3 minutes at 11:55 PM and really needs to, it was doing weird stuff today didn’t record from 9 AM to 2 PM for some unknown reason.. If you want to know more about me, visit my home page About Scott

I forgot that Firefox has this really cool “Restore Previous Session” if it get’s closed unexpectedly so I’m back Although I should do stuff like cook dinner, post my gospel principles lessons for tomorrow to that list, I have a few lists.. I need to go watch my Netfix movie, do laundry, etc. There is always too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Guess that makes me the ward Gospel Essentials teacher! In the last ward I was going to I was the real teacher, the Ward Mission Leader and other than the full time missionaries was THE missionary force for the whole ward.. I was promised some stake missionaries but never got them. I’ve been that to, twice and a full time mission to Sacramento California 83-84. It meant I had to go to the 7 AM PEC meetings, missionary and Sunday school meetings, split with the missionaries once a week, had weekly meetings with them, etc.. I never had time to do anything else, though it was nice to have some social contact outside of work.

I haven’t gone since they disbanded the ward over a year ago, that is twice that happened in that stake. I say that stake because they apparently have disbanded the stake this year too! The ward I live in has moved from the Phoenix west stake (Arizona) to the Glendale stake although I don’t know exactly when. I think the west stake has been eliminated. Which is OK with me as the stake center is a lot closer, I’ve gone to general conference there a couple of times since it is a couple of miles from work. I’m kind of burned out on church, every time I get active in a ward, it’s like oh look a RM, let’s give him two or three callings… I work 50 Hours a week, and Sunday is my only day off which I mostly spend sleeping because that is the one thing I don’t do enough of. There is always more to do around the house than I have time to keep up with. Well enough ranting for now.

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