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Special Report Proves NAFTA Super highway Threat

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    >From the Desk of:
    Steve Elliott, President



I’ve just seen Lou Dobbs’ special report on the NAU and NAFTA
super highway, and I’m urging every member of our team to
watch his report that literally blows the lid off suggestions
that this is all “scare tactics” and “myths.”

Click here to see the video:

White house press release on NAFTA and SPP

++ Sound the Alarm with Grassfire

Scott, we can’t count on most media outlets or elected
officials to tell us the truth about this very real and
growing threat to our nation’s sovereignty and security.

Over the next week, I’d like to add an additional 25,000
citizen petitions to our total–pushing us past the quarter-
million mark!

The NAU and NAFTA Super highway isn’t hype, or myth as many suggest.
This is a carefully coordinated plan being executed under the noses
of unsuspecting American citizens, and it is up to you and I to
start sounding the alarm!

As always, thank you for standing with Grassfire.


++ Read “The Late Great USA”, click here:

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