Product Review

Product Review Danco replacement Cartridge

About 4 months ago I purchased a Danco replacement 88675 Cartridge for a Moen “Posi-Temp” bathtub faucet.  After 9 years in the house the original Moen had started leaking and I had to replace it.  Home Depot had mostly Danco replacement cartridge and only had one Original Moen 1222 which was a bit over $10 more.  I was short on money and the Home Depot guy said the Danco’s work fine.  4 months later (a month after the 90 day return window..)  the replacement started leaking and when I would turn it on rust would run out of it for a few minutes. This is supposed to be plastic and brass parts so there shouldn’t be any thing in it to rust!

        Today I had to turn the water off after taking a shower this morning and it was almost running a stream of HOT water in the off position..  I went to Home Depot this evening which is just down the road from my house and purchased the Moen part.

        The difference between the two is the Moen part is manufactured in the US of imported parts, probably Canada and Mexico.  The Danco part is made in China..  They also make replacement knobs which is all Home Depot had and they suck as well, they don’t fit on the shaft securely and have a lot of play.

        If you have some basic mechanical skills and tools it isn’t that hard to change the cartridge.   They give you a tool to twist it out.  One difference is the Moen part came with a little capsule of lubricant to put on the O rings of the unit where the Danco part didn’t.  I repair complex sewing machines for a living so a faucet isn’t something I know a lot about but isn’t something that’s over my head to attempt.  I also have two associate degrees in Automotive and Diesel technology and Computer and Electronics from almost 20 years.


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