[Fcalerts-list] Weekly Knox Update

Three items for this weeks update:

  1. Rights Activists Shooting Themselves in the Foot
  2. No More Land for Gun Banning NPS
  3. You Are a Radical Extremist and a Potential Terrorist (because you’re a good citizen)

The Myth of Mandatory Training

(March 12, 2009) Rights activists are shooting themselves in the foot whenever they advocate for mandatory training for concealed carry, and they’re shooting themselves in the foot a lot lately. There is absolutely no question that all gunowners, especially those who choose to carry in public, need to take their responsibilities seriously and seeking out quality training is just the beginning of the responsibility.
  But legislating training is a seriously bad idea.  If it is reasonable and prudent to mandate training for concealed carry, why would it not be reasonable and prudent to mandate training for open carry?  If that is reasonable, what about mandating training for anyone wishing to even own a firearm, and mandatory training for anyone who lives in a home with a firearm?  If mandatory training makes sense, then what is the argument against mandatory storage requirements?  The bottom line is that firearm safety is a matter of personal responsibility and that responsibility can not and should not be legislated by government. Personal responsibility is, by definition, personal.
 The idea of mandatory training stems from the huge and disturbing assumption that the people have no common sense of their own and must be led to sensible behavior by the government.
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No More Land to National Park Service
There is a major lands bill pending in the US House which would add a bunch of land to the National Park Service.  The bill has already passed the Senate and has come up a couple of times in the House only to be beaten back by gunowner’s objections. 
As long a the National Park Service maintains its anti-gun policies and regulations they should not be given authority over one more square inch of US soil.
Contact your Representative and tell them to oppose S.22 – No more land to the NPS until they adopt gun regulations similar to those of the National Forest Service and BLM.
Gun Owners of America has taken the lead on fighting this legislation.  More information can be found at their web site:

You Are a Dangerous Extremist!

A state-sponsored law enforcement “intelligence” organization in Missouri has apparently produced a document vilifying virtually anyone who disagrees with the government about taxation, gun rights, the Federal Reserve, or any other Constitutional issue. The report leaps from assumption to assumption with the ease of the most adept conspiracy theorist and concludes that since neo-Nazis, skin-heads, and the KKK tend to oppose taxes, support the Second Amendment, and question government authority, everyone who does any of those things is automatically suspect as a racist extremist and a potential terrorist.
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