Watch this CNN anti-gun YouTube video and SAF’s rebutal

Watch this CNN anti-gun YouTube video and SAF’s rebutal

Watch the YouTube link below to see CNN anti-gun rights bias and my on air knock out punch to them.

YouTube – CNN Rick Sanchez ‘SLAMS’ FOX News’s Gun Fear Mongering with guest Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation.

With your help we can make this the most watched video on YouTube.

Thanks for all your help and support in protecting our right to keep and bear arms.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Founder, Second Amendment Foundation

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Copyright © 2009 Second Amendment Foundation, All Rights Reserved.

Second Amendment Foundation
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12500 N.E. Tenth Place
Bellevue, WA 98005 Voice: 425-454-7012
Toll Free: 800-426-4302
FAX: 425-451-3959

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Millions of Illegal Aliens to Get Amnesty!

Vote Below:

Keep ‘Dream Act’ Amnesty Dead


I FAVOR Illegal
Alien Amnesties

Help Us Keep the “Dream Act” Dead

Sen. Durbin Brings Back His Disastrous ‘Dream Act’!

Millions of Illegal Aliens to Get Amnesty!

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has once again BROUGHT BACK his dreadful ‘Dream Act’ to amnesty illegal aliens under the age of 35 who have been in the country for the last five years!

The ‘Dream Act’ would allow this group of illegal aliens to receive citizenship and be eligible for in-state tuition rates at public universities. This disastrous proposal will also make illegal aliens eligible for federal student loans and federal work-study programs, another benefit that any law-abiding foreign and U.S.-born students cannot receive ALL AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

Why would Sen. Durbin reintroduce a policy that has already been shunned by Congress and America?

STOP New Illegal Alien Amnesty

I FAVOR Illegal
Alien Amnesties

(When you Click Your Answer above, you’ll be taken to a web page
where you will see INSTANT RESULTS. You will also be able to take action if you wish.)

Join with 900,220 citizens who make their voices heard through
NumbersUSA, America’s largest-member immigration-reduction organization.
We are non-profit and non-partisan.

Numbers USA
1601 N. Kent Street
Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209

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Petition to Harry Reid — Sign now!

April 6, 2009

Dear NAGR supporter:

“There are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons.”

Barack Obama’s anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t exactly surprise gun owners when he came clean about his plans to ram through a new “Assault Weapons” ban into law.

But today, with the White House and Congress chock full of anti-gunners, Barack Obama and his anti-gun Attorney General don’t just want the “same old ban.”

They want a PERMANENT ban expanded to include almost any semi-automatic firearm in America!

That’s why it’s vital you sign the online petition we’ve prepared for our members, which demands that Senator Harry Reid refuse to allow so much as a hearing on the “Assault Weapons” Ban — TODAY!

You see, an “assault weapon” could be virtually any gun.

The anti-gun politicians just like the term “assault weapons” because it sounds “scary.”

And some people get them confused with fully automatic select-fire “machine guns” — guns that have been tightly controlled since 1934.

So Sarah Brady and the gun grabbers think they’ve got it made.  They believe all they have to do is call a gun an “assault weapon” to demonize it, and then pass a ban.

That’s why we must fight back NOW!

The only good news in this situation is that we DO have a real chance of stopping this bill. 

You see, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is THE KEY to defeating any new “Assault Weapons” Ban. 

All he has to do is REFUSE to allow any Senate action on the bill, and no ban will get passed.

He’s already said he plans on voting against a new ban “if it comes up for a vote.”

Great, but not good enough, Harry.

 That’s why you and I need to make sure Senator Harry Reid knows that if he allows the ban to have so much as a hearing, he will lose his seat.

And believe me: That’s a threat Senator Reid will take seriously.

He’s already disliked by a majority of Nevadans — and insiders are calling Senator Reid the most vulnerable Democrat in the Senate.

If Senator Reid crosses gun owners, he’s political dead meat — plain and simple.  It’s our job to make sure he knows it.

But remember, Senator Reid doesn’t need our votes to win reelection — he needs the votes of folks in Nevada.

So — in addition to your signed petition — you and I must do everything we can to mobilize Second Amendment supporters in Nevada.

And that’s good news!

 Firstly, Nevada is one of the most pro-gun states in the country.

And secondly, this program will give you and me an incredible “bang for our buck.”

Instead of mobilizing folks all over the country to try and get 41 votes to filibuster the gun grabbers’ schemes, we can concentrate all our firepower in ONE state.

And Nevada just happens to be one of the least populated states in the country — their TOTAL population is just under 2.5 million.

That means the National Association for Gun Rights can run the kind of no-nonsense, no-compromise grassroots effort that will have Senator Reid running for the hills.

 But of course, even a targeted statewide program like this won’t be cheap.

So in addition to your petition , I hope I can count on your financial support as well.

With your generous contribution, we’ll focus our resources on running a full-scale campaign to mobilize Nevada gun owners, including:

  • Sending out three massive statewide mailings, urging Nevada gun owners to contact Senator Reid and express their opposition to the ban.
  • Writing hard-hitting guest editorials for every daily and weekly newspaper in Nevada to explain to Nevadans that Senator Reid has the power to single-handedly stop any new “Assault Weapons” Ban.
  • Training in-state pro-gun activists to write letters to the editor, work the talk-radio shows, talk to the press and hand out flyers at EVERY ONE of Senator Reid’s in-state events.
  • Putting up anti-BAN billboards within eyesight of EVERY one of Senator Reid’s Nevada offices, demanding that Senator Reid refuse to allow so much as a hearing on the ban.
  • Running statewide newspaper, radio and TV ads to show Senator Reid we really mean business.

The truth of the matter is, this simple statewide program in Nevada has the potential to be the most important program ANY gun rights group runs this year.

 And if we can stop the so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban from passing, we just may be able to stop anything the gun control crowd throws our way.

But without an IMMEDIATE influx of funds, we may not be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

And if we don’t, a new, permanent “Assault Weapons” Ban WILL become law.

I’m sure, like me, you can hardly stomach that thought.

That’s why, in addition to your signed petition to Senator Reid, I also hope you’ll agree to make a generous contribution of $100 or $200 to the National Association for Gun Rights.  Click here to contribute.

Believe me, I know that’s a lot, but we have an opportunity here to make a major difference.

If you can’t afford $100, please consider contributing $75 or $50 to the cause.

Listen: If you and I show Senator Reid that he could lose his seat if he allows action on any new gun ban, we can win.  It’s that simple.

So please sign and the online petition, and rush me your most generous contribution of $200, $100, or $50 TODAY.


Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. We need to make sure Senator Harry Reid knows you and I — and tens of thousands of Nevadans — aren’t going to let him get away with allowing a new, permanent “Assault Weapons” Ban to pass.

So please sign NAGR’s online petition to Harry Reid demanding that he refuse to allow so much as a hearing on the “Assault Weapons” Ban TODAY!

And in addition to your signed petition, please send a generous contribution of $200, $100, or $50 — or whatever you can afford — TODAY! Click here to contribute.

Help fight gun control. Donate to the National Association for Gun Rights!

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Economy Politics

Who’s responsable for AIG, Wallstreet crash

I think people need to get a grip and quit threatening people who work for AIG. Congress approved the bonuses and with the help of the liberal media is trying to pass the blame on AIG and others. It is Congress that as passed these massive spending bills with out even reading them that is the problem!

If you want to punish someone for our current problems then you should have voted the Democrats out of office and not elected Obama last fall. The Democrats have controlled Congress for the last two years. Since it is too late for that now we need to take our anger out on Congress and the White House, let them know you are not happy at all with what they are doing! You need to see some of my previous posts like:

The men who brought down Wall Street Let me give you a clue, they were all Democrats!

The Sub – Prime disaster the Democrats caused this too.

Presidential Election Where I warned about some of what would happened if Obama got elected and the Democrats control both houses. Actually it has been worse than I imagined..

Ann Coulter lays it out that Wall Street is Democrat territory, these big bankers are NOT
Republicans or conservatives. On second though maybe we should punish them too.

Gordon Gekko is a Democrat

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Immigration Politics

Obama Confirms Illegal Alien Amnesty Coming Soon

Click Here To Donate

Last Wednesday, Obama promised Hispanic Caucus an Illegal Alien Amnesty Coming Soon!

Pelosi calls enforcement “un-American”

Help us Smash Amnesty and “re-educate” Pelosi


Last week was hell week for immigration enforcement. If you care about this issue, please read this entire email carefully, and then take every step your friends here at NumbersUSA ask. Here’s the update:

1. On Wednesday, President Obama seemed to rent out his immigration policy to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Mexican government.
2. And on Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on tape saying that immigration enforcement agents are “un-American” when they acted to enforce the laws.

Maybe you’ll want to rub your eyes two or three times and re-read the above paragraphs.

Statements like “renting out” his foreign policy to the Mexican government are pretty alarming. We at NumbersUSA are usually careful to avoid heated rhetoric.

But read the details on the NumbersUSA web site, and you’ll see while I HAVE to let off some steam this time!

Need to learn more about NumbersUSA? Go here.
Click Here To Donate

After spending the first weeks of his term engulfed by the financial mess, Obama has decided it’s time to make nice with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. He met with them Wednesday in California. After the meeting, the White House issued a press release saying Obama promised the Hispanic Caucus to push ahead soon with the same “Immigration Reform” i.e. Illegal Alien Amnesty that McCain and Kennedy were promoting back in 2007.

Obama also said he would soon be traveling to Mexico soon to meet with Mexico’s President Calderon to work out U.S. immigration policy. That sounds like Obama is going to let the country responsible for sending us the most illegal aliens re-write America’s immigration laws. What’s next?

And did you hear about the House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s wild statement last Saturday? She called our immigration enforcement officials “un-American” for daring to deport some illegal aliens. (This was actually caught on tape.) Aren’t we supposed to be deporting illegal aliens?

Do you see where this is heading? The administration and Democratic leaders in Congress have removed all doubt about where they stand.

Amnesty for the 11-12 million illegal aliens is inevitable, unless we act now.

Please take all these actions today:

1. Go to Send a no-cost fax telling the President Obama that you will never agree to an Illegal Alien Amnesty.
2. Phone the White House switchboard and tell them what you think! White House switchboard number is: 202-456-1414. And call your members of Congress (we provide phone numbers here. Let’s break the switchboards today!
3.Make a gift to NumbersUSA so that we can ramp up our efforts right now, as the fight grows deadly earnest.

I need 2,000 of our citizens dedicated to U.S. border enforcement to Click Here To Donate and donate in the next 24 hours. NumbersUSA’s members sent 167,000 faxes yesterday alone! This wonderful service is free of charge to our members, but obviously it costs us money.

If this is your first donation, even better! At least 1/3 of the 2,000 donations we need in the next 24 hours must come from friends who have never given before.

So please, click and help us this month. We’ve got our perfect record on stopping illegal alien amnesties to protect. And it’s time to “take the fight to the enemy!”
Click Here To Donate

NOTICE: If you are ill, unemployed, or living on a small fixed income, please do not contribute. We only ask for help from those able to help.


Vice President, Operations
Numbers USA
1601 N. Kent Street
Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209

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Economy Politics

Stop The Spending petition

I have just signed the “Stop The Spending” petition which opposes
the Obama budget with $1.6 trillion in new taxes, an oppressive
carbon tax and unprecedented deficits for years to come.

Petitions will be delivered soon to Congress — and a vote
is expected within days. Please go here to join me in signing:


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Education Politics

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

If you are interested in Academic Freedom of speech or Intelligent Design v Darwinism You NEED to see this movie. Yes, it is a documentary but it is not at all boring and I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix.

This is the description of the movie

Hosted by Ben Stein, this controversial documentary examines how pro-intelligent design scholars and scientists are often chastised, fired or denied tenured positions by those who believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution. Nathan Frankowski‘s film explores how scientists who believe in God are oppressed and how the acceptance of evolution may have played a role in the formation of organizations such as the Nazi regime and Planned Parenthood.

Ben talks about how people who have even mentioned Intelligent Design in a talk or a paper have been persecuted by the pro-Darwinists! It reminds me a lot of the Global warming/climate change (by definition climate changes!!) supporters who are comparing anyone who dares question their bogus facts to Holocaust deniers.

There are several things in this movie to cover that I don’t know I can remember them all. First although scientist mostly agree that theory of evolution fits the facts, none of them have figured out HOW LIFE BEGAN in the first place to evolve.
3 theories; 1 that precursor chemicals in the “primordial soup” were some how energized and became proto-life that evolved. 2. some how weird crystals shaped the proto-elements into proto-cells that evolved. 3. Life was seeded here by some alien (which absolutely can not be God because there is no God!)
#1 has never been proven in any experiment.
#2 same as above, both are given odds of it happening on the order of one hundred thirty trillion to one, essentially a 0 chance. Ever seen one trillion written out? 130,000,000,000,000 / 1

#3 Aliens!! Could be aliens but not God! Do I have to explain how absolutly absurd that is? These goof balls will accept aliens before they will admit God exists. If the “aliens” created life on Earth, where did the aliens come from??? Some where, some how life had to start!

Ok, I will admit that God has to be taken some what on faith and that is what gives the science people fits because they can’t accept anything they can’t prove. I know God exists but my proof is some what subjective. See my testimony page:
Scott’s Testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Another point he made that the knowledge and idea of a cell compared to Darwin’s day to our understanding of the complexity of a cell today would be on the order of comparing a mud hut to a Saturn 5 rocket.

The other theme of the video is Academic Freedom, and that is a great concern these days. Whether it is freedom of religion, political expression, science theory/thought our education system and academic research, free speech should reign. There should not be suppression of people’s speech although we increasingly see it on campus and the media these days. It is increasingly politically incorrect to take a conservative view points, express a religious view point, disbelieve in the global warming hoax or have any sort of moral code. It should not be, and we must fight against it especially with the politically left in power trying to subdue any view other than theirs.

academic freedom

The freedom of teachers and students to teach, study, and pursue knowledge and research without unreasonable interference or restriction from law, institutional regulations, or public pressure. Its basic elements include the freedom of teachers to inquire into any subject that evokes their intellectual concern; to present their findings to their students, colleagues, and others; to publish their data and conclusions without control or censorship; and to teach in the manner they consider professionally appropriate. For students, the basic elements include the freedom to study subjects that concern them and to form conclusions for themselves and express their opinions

Some Academic Freedom links.

Google search

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed – Official Site

The Playground for Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Super Trailer)

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[Fcalerts-list] Weekly Knox Update

Three items for this weeks update:

  1. Rights Activists Shooting Themselves in the Foot
  2. No More Land for Gun Banning NPS
  3. You Are a Radical Extremist and a Potential Terrorist (because you’re a good citizen)

The Myth of Mandatory Training

(March 12, 2009) Rights activists are shooting themselves in the foot whenever they advocate for mandatory training for concealed carry, and they’re shooting themselves in the foot a lot lately. There is absolutely no question that all gunowners, especially those who choose to carry in public, need to take their responsibilities seriously and seeking out quality training is just the beginning of the responsibility.
  But legislating training is a seriously bad idea.  If it is reasonable and prudent to mandate training for concealed carry, why would it not be reasonable and prudent to mandate training for open carry?  If that is reasonable, what about mandating training for anyone wishing to even own a firearm, and mandatory training for anyone who lives in a home with a firearm?  If mandatory training makes sense, then what is the argument against mandatory storage requirements?  The bottom line is that firearm safety is a matter of personal responsibility and that responsibility can not and should not be legislated by government. Personal responsibility is, by definition, personal.
 The idea of mandatory training stems from the huge and disturbing assumption that the people have no common sense of their own and must be led to sensible behavior by the government.
  To read the entire article, go to the following link:
or just go to our home page at:

No More Land to National Park Service
There is a major lands bill pending in the US House which would add a bunch of land to the National Park Service.  The bill has already passed the Senate and has come up a couple of times in the House only to be beaten back by gunowner’s objections. 
As long a the National Park Service maintains its anti-gun policies and regulations they should not be given authority over one more square inch of US soil.
Contact your Representative and tell them to oppose S.22 – No more land to the NPS until they adopt gun regulations similar to those of the National Forest Service and BLM.
Gun Owners of America has taken the lead on fighting this legislation.  More information can be found at their web site:

You Are a Dangerous Extremist!

A state-sponsored law enforcement “intelligence” organization in Missouri has apparently produced a document vilifying virtually anyone who disagrees with the government about taxation, gun rights, the Federal Reserve, or any other Constitutional issue. The report leaps from assumption to assumption with the ease of the most adept conspiracy theorist and concludes that since neo-Nazis, skin-heads, and the KKK tend to oppose taxes, support the Second Amendment, and question government authority, everyone who does any of those things is automatically suspect as a racist extremist and a potential terrorist.
Read more here:
or just look for the story on our home page at:

Please forward this information to people who should be interested and post it on your favorite forums and bulletin boards.

This is a message from The Firearms Coalition Alerts list.  It is never
sent without a subscription and confirmation. 

If you have issues or questions about this or any message originating from the domain, please forward it with all message headers to abuse[at]

To unsubscribe, follow the link below.  To change your address, unsubscribe
your existing address and resubscribe from the new one.


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freedom of speach Politics

Stop the Push to Silence Free Speech

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

I have just taken action to stop the attacks on our Free Speech
Rights, and I’m asking that you join with me by clicking here:


+ + Will The Fairness Doctrine Silence The Conservative Voice?

Will 2009 usher in a fanatical push to re-instate the so-called
Fairness Doctrine? Such a move would effectively silence the
conservative voice and remove the last conservative stronghold
against a fast-moving liberal agenda.

Scott, One need only read the words of Dianne
Feinstein to see the true threat to conservative speech that is
brewing on the horizon!

             “Talk radio tends to be one-sided. It also tends to
             be dwelling in hyperbole. It’s explosive. It pushes
             people to, I think, extreme views without a lot of
             information … I’m looking at the [Fairness Doctrine]…
             Unfortunately, talk radio is overwhelmingly one way.”

Recognizing this threat, the Media Research Center has created
the Free Speech Alliance which is a coalition of organizations
and citizens strongly opposed to any such move to limit or
undermine our Free Speech Rights!

Please take a moment right now to join the hundreds of
thousands of Americans who oppose the Fairness Doctrine and
all that it stands for by clicking here:


Thanks for joining with me.


P.S. If the liberal voice in America has their way, the Fairness
Doctrine will end conservative talk–including Rush, Sean,
Laura, Mark, and a host of others. Take action today by clicking

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Union Bosses Are Secretly Meeting with Biden

Dear Right to Work Supporter:

The battle in Congress over forced unionism and the so-called “Card Check” scheme is heating up dramatically, and it’s vital I have your help today.

As I write you today, right now, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis are meeting behind closed doors with ALL of America’s top AFL-CIO union brass at their “Executive Council” meeting in Miami, Florida.

My sources tell me at the top of the agenda is how to ram the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill through Congress as soon as possible.

As you know, this disastrous compulsory unionism power grab would eliminate the secret ballot in workplace unionization drives and would subject millions of American workers to union intimidation and demands to pay union dues or be fired from their jobs.

Make no mistake — giving union bosses even more compulsory unionism power in the middle of an economic crisis is a prescription for disaster.  And giving union bosses hundreds of millions of dollars in additional compulsory union dues will enable them to gain a hammerlock on Congress for years to come.

You can bet the Pelosi-Reid Congress won’t give us advanced notice of their strategy. 

The intelligence I’m picking up from union websites suggest that Congressman George Miller (D-CA) intends to introduce Card Check Forced Unionism next week and put it on a fast track.

Once the bill is introduced, it could come to a floor vote at any time.  That’s why it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT we have your support NOW!

The 2.2 million member National Right to Work Committee may not have much time left to galvanize the American public against this forced unionism power grab.  We are already ramping up our targeted mail, email, and phone mobilization to bring grassroots pressure to bear against the critical swing votes in the U.S. Senate.

Frankly, I believe we CAN ultimately stop this bill in the Senate and strike a major blow against Big Labor’s overreach.  But it won’t be easy.

There’s no time to lose.

Will you make a gift of $100, $200, or even $500 to help the National Right to Work Committee mobilize Americans against this draconian bill – before it’s too late?

If that seems like a lot, please give $75, $50, $25 or any amount you can spare.  Whatever you do, please don’t delay.  Click here to join our cause now.

Your support and involvement could very well be the difference between holding a Senate filibuster… or giving a green light for Big Labor to force millions more Americans into their forced dues-paying ranks.

Mark Mix, President
National Right to Work Committee

P.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis are in a secret strategy meeting right now with top AFL-CIO union brass, as they plot to ram through the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill. 

Union boss allies in Congress intend to reintroduce this disastrous forced unionism power grab in a matter of days and put in on the fast track.  The National Right to Work Committee must have the resources to mobilize grassroots America to sustain a Senate filibuster.

That’s why it’s vital you make a $500, $200, $100, $50, or $25 contribution to the National Right to Work Committee today. 

Please click here to contribute to the National Right to Work Committee now.

The National Right to Work Committee is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to combating compulsory unionism through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to compulsory unionism and, at the same time, enlist public support for Right to Work legislation.  The Committee can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-325-7892.  The mailing address for the Committee is 8001 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22160.  Its web address is

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